this place constitute wisata's Object that constitutes primadona beach at Javanese West it lies at Pananjung's Village Pangandaran's district with distance ± 92 km aims Ciamis's city south, have various idiosyncrasy as:
herein you can enjoy to be beautiful its sunrise and drowned and for one like with surfing you will smile so see wave at this region and you won't patient for shortly can surfing

landai's beach with unclouded water and distance among assembles and long time relative ebbing so enabling our to swim safely available beach with sand carpet turns white and you not necessarily worry because disiniTersedia wisata's rescuer team beach

available oceanic garden with fish and fascinating oceanic life.
With marks sense faktok previous supporter factor, therefore tourist which comes at Pangandaran can do heterogeneous activity: swimming, touring boating, go fish, keliling with bicycle, sailing, skiing jet propulsion etc..

There is event even traditional that exists in here be Intention Go Out To Sea, namely ceremony which done by fisherman at Pangandaran as actualise as their gratitude taste to God's cheapness YME by melarung sesajen goes to to go out to sea escape. This event executed ordinary on every every month Muharam, by takes place at Pangandaran's East Coast.
Event is tourism gets international level that does ever be performed in here is International Kite Festival (Pangandaran International Kite is Festival) with supporting activity sort its one we can witness on every month of June or July.
Available facility
1. Roomy which parking
adequately extends,
2. Hotel, restaurant, lodging, wisata's cabin with
varying rate,
3. Postal service, telecom and money changer,
4. Theater, diskotik
5. Pramuwisata and Tourism Information Center,
6. Encampment earth,
7. Bicycle and sewaan's bathing tire,
8. Parasailing and jetski.

travel tourism

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