Samosir of Tower Sees INDONESIA SUMATRA

That morning, really sunny at Samosir. Its air is clear fresh without pollution. Right in front of hotel which we outspread inapi Toba's Lake. Can you imagine how are beautiful landscape of our hotel room? Aptly picturesquely nature. Today we will climb up mountain to see landscape of tall place. Before does incline, we visit one location which be believed as place of its germinal person Rob. That place is Sianjur Mulamula, at there gathering place position person Robs that recognised with the title Sihulati. At this Sihulati's area, stand one custom house Robs that is believed as house of King Robs at that time. Not far from home King Robs, be adrift wellspring that formerly has once been utilized by King Robs for meeting need.

Sianjur Originally spaced around 5 km from Pangururan. memiju Sianjur's trip Originally so agreeable. Aesthetical landscape around its not miss of term view. We shall also pass border bridge among Samosir's Island and Sumatra Island, because Sianjur Originally which books in this Samosir's Regency lies at plain that is at cross Samosir's Island.

Bridge that given by this Tano Ponggol's name sehenarnya is soiled urugan one formerly being made on Dutch colonization term. Escape of Tano Ponggol's Bridge, the ways cozy beginning for we passes through. Asphalt was flawless but new adventure at the threshold from there.

Individuality ways passes by tortuous Sumatra and narrow. Find time beherapa car time that our tumpangi berpapasan with bus, dun's truck hesar's cars another. Aptly makes I not brave to see to highway. Finally we until also at Sibulati.

Over there available sehuah custom house Robs. Exactly is after, appear statue that figure King figure Robs hersama its wife that be sits in throne. There is two guard statuary figures which stand up at flank second it. Don't restrain from throne, available heberapa boy statue that be hermain. At elbow it there is hentuk cave miniature that is believed first as house of Reigning Robs.

After from Sibulati, we get on to go to Pusuk Buhit's mountain that lies vicinity 1.800 mdpl. According to society trust Robs, of hill this is for the first time recognised universe creator with the title Jadiabolon's Beginning, show self at earth. So fairly, if until now those area still as history dude ranch.

We no time rise onto mountain Pusuk Buhit, since time haven't enables, so us memutuskun to drawn out trip making for Tower Sees Tele. According to society Samosir, from there tourist can see Samosir's Island completely. From Pangururan wends well-nigh Tele 12 km, but since we of Mountain Pusuk Buhit becomes trip be sailed through by its half, just vicinity 4 5 km again onto.

Suguhan is landscape that is beautiful we enjoy while the ways beginning increase to wend Tele. Air that really fresh and balmy and pine tree suite, accompanying we until Tele atop. If You frown upon water trip, band that passes Tele can be chosen as band of its alternative.

About 45 time minute required just for we get in atop. Band that is sailed through, there's only one. Road that its broad just as size as one its vehicle have unwritten mandatory regulation.

If we herpapasan with car of Tele's aim, therefore that car herhenti's mandatory and gives road that of down. Innumerable herapa our time berpapasan with other cars and their direct look for rather place extent for halting and gives road for we passes.

Of too far we can see available one white color towers high-rise three at ways tip. Duly is after tower there is three at a swoop restaurant as gazebo hagi riders which trek far. Days was really mown, we decide to enjoy lunch before rise go to Tower To See.

Yada is first grade can appear its blue Toba's Lake and right Samosir Island henar is beautiful. Since reducing pleases we decide for rise one zoom again onto. Seeing spellbound carpet in as much as eye sees, making i am amazed with what do be had by this country nature.

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